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  A little over a decade ago an old gentleman by the name of Hal Stainback started using the name Big Bubba’s Bub-Ba-Que to sell smoked pork and ribs. Special bean sauce and barbecue sauces were prepared and stirred by hand with a home made wooden paddle. Pork and Ribs were slowly cooked over hickory wood in a barbecue pit which was designed by ole H.P. Stainback himself. A number of features; pertaining to the delicious barbecue prepared by Mr Stainbeck; were done by the Courier Journal in Louisville, Kentucky.

    Even though H.P. Stainback passed away a number of years ago, the special sauces, the bottle labels still bearing his signature, and the slow cook process, were passed on. The meats are still cooked in an outdoor pit designed by H.P. Stainback. Even the BBQ sauces are still bottled by hand. Today you can still smell the smoke and taste the succulent meats in a small eastern corner of Jefferson County Kentucky which is affectionately called Red Neck, Kentucky. It’s so small you won’t be able to find it on a map. You will find Scotty’s Ribs & More at 14049 Shelbyville Rd in Louisville, Ky to have the BEST Ribs & Pork in Kentucky and surrounding states. It is also the home of BIG BUBBA’S Bub-Ba-Que.

    Stop in and pick up your official, "Big Bubba’s -Red Neck, Kentucky" hat, T- shirt, or sweat shirt either for yourself or a friend. While you’re there give the BBQ beans a try and you’ll find out why our sign says "Yo mama can’t beat our beans."

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